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We are Nail Democracy and we are all about nails. Bright fiery colored ones, cool elegant ones, perfectly shiny and glossy. We do ’em. We believe that getting your nails done should always be nothing but a joy. A comfortable and relaxing moment celebrating the style and expression you deserve. A kind of party, really. But with that said, we are all about responsibility, too. We always strive towards creating a welcoming space for everyone, clients as well as employees, making our studio a place filled with creativity, courage, and fairness.

For the love of creativity, courage, fairness & breathtakingly good-looking nails.

Our manifesto

We believe in you. In the right for you to be you. In your right to take place, to be heard.

We believe that your passions, your fears, your beliefs and dreams define you and tells the true story of who you are. And that’s all that matters. When you want to express yourself.


One could say we just do nails. Awesome, colorful, shiny nails. But we say that we do much more than that. We help you to be you. To stay true to yourself. Or to break old boundaries. We like to think of ourselves as the transformers of nails, the ones who love to turn nails into art and beauty into fashion.


The tools we use are fairness, creativity and bravery. That is our true north. Simply because that’s what you deserve. Nothing less. And we want to invite you to become as passionate as us in changing nails. Minds. Spirits.


You could say it is like some kind of democracy.
We call it Nail Democracy.

Tell me more

Lets have a look at some gorgeous nails.

Join the party

So, have we gotten your attention yet? Did we ignite a spark somewhere inside you? Are you excited?


Because we sure are. And if you are feeling the same energy, we would really like to get in touch. Maybe you are an aspiring Nail Artist, or a possible business associate? Or maybe you are looking to get some amazing good-looking nails done. Click here to get in touch!

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