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Our story

Our story

In 2020, we decided that the time had come for us to realize one of our biggest dreams.


To create a business where art and creativity are as highly praised as the evident values of diversity, equality, and justice. With a lifelong experience in a business where these things are not always accounted for, we wanted to create a nail studio with the goal of working as a true democracy. A nail studio that offers a distinct level of visionary fashion, while maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all clients as well as coworkers. A nail studio that truly does its job when it comes to responsibility – towards our world, inside and outside of the studio. We simply want to shine a light in the right direction, for a business that really should be all about passion and joy.

Sound cool, right? But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Always keep in mind – nails are fun. That's why we are here. To create an experience that is all about feel-good and happiness, and to make this whole business of nails more happy, accessible, and just. And to make this meeting between people a moment to remember, with joy.

Are you ready to join the party?


Are you ready to join the party?


Who are we?

Nail Democracy is a creation by the minds of Frida Selkirk and Silvia Adlesic Holmgren.


Two creative visionaries with a shared passion for innovation and business and a common desire for change. A change regarding both their personal journeys but also within the nail industry. The two have had their careers and backgrounds chiseled out in different ways and stories, both with great achievements and praise, but have since long had an urge to create something new and unique. An experience, a creation, a space, a mission, a studio. A business that celebrates the things that are beautiful in life, and the truly important things. Something that celebrates and maintains true values that are meaningful and just. That is the idea that Nail Democracy is grown from. A shot at transforming the business with creativity, courage and fairness. And in some way bring back the essentials of what nails are about – a relaxing and comforting moment, where creativity and joy is central.


Frida is a renowned Nail artist and creator with more than thirty years of experience within the business. She is currently running two of Stockholms most eminent nail studios, and that along with her being many celebrities first choice when getting their manicure done, she sure lives up to the fine title of Nail Queen of Sweden.


Silvia is a driven motivational and managing engine with more than fifteen years of experience as a creative leader with multiple prominent roles in major companies, such as Scandic and Nordic Choice Hotels. Always with a good sense of perspective and a productive mindset, she is truly a generator of ideas, and making them come to life.

What's this all about? What's up with all the slime and crazy nails and fancy words about justice and fairness and stuff? Well, that's just who we are.

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Our promises

A welcoming and inclusive space where your well-being and comfort are always put first.

A professional, warm, joyful, and highly artistic nail treatment from experienced  artists.

A nail studio that maintains fair and just terms of employment for our artists, making this studio a place for everybody.

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